Honours List Of Donors

Expression of gratitude

GSB Scholarship League’s Trustees and Managing committee would like to express their gratitude to all generous overseas donors, specially from USA. Our appeal to support the League’s mission to support the education of the needy and poor students has been well received from you.

Our special THANKS go to the YOUNG DONOR Master NANDAN PAI, who has gone out of the way to appeal for this noble cause to collect money for the education of these needy students in India He has been a source of inspiration for all of us to work hard for the benefit of the organisation. This exemplary unique effort of NANDAN, under the guidance f his mother Ms.Ajnya Pai, we put on record, so that others get inspired through his untiring hard work. League reserves special gratitude to Dr.Gopal Bhandarkar, Chairman of KCF in USA, who is not only a donor, but did all co ordination work with donors in USA. His work is worth mentioning.

League’s special donor from USA Mr.S.N.Pai, who was a One time beneficiary of GSB Scholarship League, by way of returning his gratitude to the League, is Now BIG donor . He has been FULLY supporting the education of needy students and is continuing this tradition. Mr.H.Prabhakar Kamath has been following this tradition.

GSB Scholarship League is thankful to all donors, Big or Small.

This is to place on record GSB Scholarship League’s gratitude to all donors.

Following is a list of Endowments, identified by their individual endowment number (FSE, FLSE ) and also the name of the endowment as stipulated by the donor/s in the original Endowment Application Forms, received up to 31.03.2017, with a cumulative amount of Rs.1,00,000 and above against each, are arranged in serial number sequence. Also included in the list are donors having several Endowments which in aggregate exceed Rs. 1,00,000 as on 31.03.2017

FSE NO. Name of the Endowment. Name of Donor /s Total Rs.
171 Kamakshibai Laxmanrao Sonde Trust Sirsi Urban Sahakari Bank Ltd 132,872  
204 The G.S.B. Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samiti, Wadala. Selves   689,030
206 Shri Sheshagiri Balkrishnarao Sonde & Smt Anupamabai Sonde Dr. Vaikunth Sheshagirirao Sonde 101,500
290 Late Smt. Laxmibai Nagesh Naik Shri. Raghuveer Naik , Brothers & Others 154,004
511 The N.K.G.S.B. Co-op Bank Ltd Endowment The N.K.G.S.B.Co-op Bank Ltd 120,000
644 Late Smt. Sundaribai Manjunath Kamath Dr. Padmanabh M. Kamath 125,000
800B Late Smt. Meera Prabhakar Narvekar Shri. Nirmal Narvekar & Smt. Silu Narvekar, USA 157,700
801 Shri. Narasimha K. Joshi & Smt. Radha N. Jishi & Family Shri. N.K.Joshi & family members 660,026
831 Smt. Shantabai Anant Gadekar Self 1,00,000
895 Sweet memory of late Smt. Aparna Prabhakar Trevedi   Shri Ranesh V. Kamath & others 200,005
941 Smt & Shri. Savala Bhiku Bhat Shri. Shrinivas Savala Bhat and Shri. Shrikant Shrinivas Bhat 210,005
996 Gowd Saraswath Sabha (Regd) U.K Selves 126,131
1011 Late Smt. Kamal M. Gavaskar Shri. Divakar M. Gavaskar Son, 256,000
1018 Smt. Sushila Pai & Shri. Sanjeeva Pai Of Brahmavar Shri. Narayan B. Pai, MD, USA 109,200
1061 Loving Brother late Shri. Raghuveer Nagesh Naik Shri. Vishwanath N. Naik & Others 252,000
1063 Kumari Surekha Kamat Shri. R. R. Kamat 222,224
1072 Late Shri. Anant Venkatesh Shanbhag & Smt. Annapurnabai Anant Shanbhag Kalbagkar, Honmav, Kumta, Endowment Smt. Geeta Ramnath Shanbhag & others 200,000
1105 Shri. Sunil Ramanand Shenoy & Smt. Sadhna Sunil Shenoy USA and FSE 798/ 824/ 832/ 904/ 970 Shri. Sunil Ramanand Shenoy & Smt. Sadhna Sunil Shenoy USA 708,007
1183 Shri Mahesh Jaywant Sukhtankar & Smt.Mangala Mahesh Sukhtankar Selves 1,00,000
1184 Shri. Narayan Tammanna Shanbhag Shri. Prakash N. Shanbhag Smt. Jyoti P. Shanbhag & Smt Ramabai N. Shanbhag 1,030,082
1195 Late Shri. Gopal Mhalappa Pai & Smt. Radhabai Gopal Pai By sons, Shri. Mukund Gopal Pai & Shri Vasant Gopal Pai 106,769
1196 Late Shri. Narasimha Srinivas Pai of Bhatkal Shri. Ganapati N. Pai of Zambia & others 115,000
1197 Late Shri. G.D.Prabhu of Calicut Shri.Praveen.Prabhu & Smt. Shanta D. Prabhu, USA 329,574
1202 Late Shri.Narayan Balwant Mahajan & Late Smt. Vidya Narayan Mahajan Smt. Chitra Arvind Sonde 110,020
1220 Late Shri. Ramchandra Trivikram Shanbhag Shri. Anand R. Shanbhag 129,001
1246 Late Shri. Vaikunth Narasimha Mahale & Late Smt. Laxmi Vaikunth Mahale Shri. Arvind Vaikunth Mahale & Smt. Sujata Mahale 176,251
1258 Shri. Vasudev Dattatray Sonde and Smt. Rama V. Sonde Memorial Shri. Arvind V. Sonde & Smt. Chitra A. Sonde 2,175,000 
1262 Late Shri. Ramdas Srinivas Baliga Shri. Rajesh R. Baliga, Son 129,481
1263 Ms. Helena Bibko, USA Self 258,274
1307 Late Shri. Sanjeeva G.Shenoy Memorial Smt. Jayashree R. Shenoy , Daughter-in-law 100,000
1338 Shri. Kudpi Srinivas Shenoy ( Mangalore Taj Mahal Hotel ) Shri. Venkatray Narayan Kamath 102,019
1366 Late Shri. R.V.Pandit, Pleader, Kumta Shri.Krishna Ramrao Pandit, United Kingdom 107,008
1430 Birth Centenary of late Shri. Shevagoor Krishna Kamath Wife, Smt. S. Leelavathi Kamath and children  848,000
1460 Shri. K. Ramanand Prabhu, USA Self 169,528
1494 Smt. Leela Anant Naik Self 100,000
1510 Late Shri. Nagesh Rama Naik Ms Sarika Vishwanath Naik & Others 104,004
1548 Smt. Jyoti Deepak Kamath Shri. Deepak S. Kamath & others 100,000
1565 Smt. Sitabai Ramachandra Pandit Shri. Damodar Pandit , USA 204,223
1574 Shri. P.L.Nayak & Smt. Ramabai Nayak Dr. P. Dharmadev L. Nayak 107,798
1586 S.B.Billimoria & Co – GSB Alumni Centenary Endowment Shri. R. R. Kamat and others 460,062
1628 Smt. Rohini S. Shanbhag & Shri. Srinivas R. Shanbhag Shri. Srinivas R. Shanbhag 100,000
1651 Shri. Vaderbettu Gopal KamathBAPPA’S Birth Centenary 19.03.1904-19.03.2004

Shri.Shyamsunder R. Pai

Shri. Dinkar Bhat

Dr. N. Raghavendra Bhat

Smt. Gita R. Pai







1668 Late Shri. Vithal Nagesh Naik Smt. Vasanthi Vithal Naik 100,000
1686 In loving memory of our grand mother /great grand mother Smt. B. Jayabai ( mother of Vinayabai Pai & Hemalata R. Rao ) in her centenary year,1904-2004 Children, grand children & great grand children 100,718
1695 In Revered Memory of late Shri. Pangal Pandurang Nayak & late Smt. Mathura alias Anandibai Children, grand children & great grand children  721,456
1718 Late Smt. Preeta Sawardekar Centenary Endowment. Shri Ramakrishna B. Sawardekar 175,000
1727 GSB Scholarship League Centenary Endowment Total 7,999,991