How Can You Help

The League welcomes Your Contribution!

Funds are contributed through one, or more, of the following options

  • A new Endowment in your name or the name of the family members
  • An Endowment can be started with as little as 5,000/-! The Leagues's present annual disbursement of 1,800/- to a school student is funded by the income generated on an amount of close to 25,000/-.

  • Additional Contribution to your existing Endowment
  • You are welcome to add any amount to your existing endowment at your discretion. All the funds received as endowments add to the Corpus.

  • A Donation
  • Funds received as donations are disbursed to students during the same year.

  • Contribution to Foregin Loan Scholarship Funds
  • Loans are made to students who sek funds for their post-graduate education in foreign universities and are are payable to the League with interest. Donation are collected in multiples of 50,00/-.

  • Support A Student
  • Interested donors may convey there willingness to fund the full education cost of eligible students who are identifed by the league and pursuing graduate and professional courses.

All donations or endowments made to the League are eligible for tax relief