Over the years, a sense of stalemate had set in in the working of the League primarily due to want of active workers to keep a certain tempo of essential activity, like disbursement of free scholarships. Around the year 1954, the League was sought to be “handed over“ to any other Institution to carry on with the administration. The then committee approached the Free Press Journal ( FPJ) with the intention of inserting a suitable advertisement for this purpose.

Fortunately, the then Editor of the FPJ, Mr. Digamber Nilkanth Nadkarni was shocked to notice this state of affairs about a Trust with noble objectives going out of existence. He called the Committee members to his room and heard their despair. He asked them whether he could assist to revive the League.

Mr. Nadkarni gathered some prominent members of the community and with their whole hearted support convened a general meeting of the members of the community and formed a Planning Committee to draft a comprehensive Report for the revival of the League’s functioning and to improve the activities over the next five years in the short term and to recommend a set of rules and regulations to manage the League’s affairs efficiently and effectively with sustainable growth. This document, known as the “Planning Report”, has since become the CONSTITUTION of the Scholarship League, also known as the Bye Laws of the League.

Mr. Nadkarni, with his vast experience as Chairman of the NKGSB Industrial and Education Society, along with Mr. Kulai Vasudev Kini, a well known structural engineer, put in a lot of hard work, with great enthusiasm and dedication, rejuvenated the scholarship League from 1955. Their spirit of duty towards education of the needy and deserving students of the community, particularly from the districts of North and South Kanara, inspired not only the other prominent persons in high positions in Bombay but also many other young persons who worked as volunteers to do all the work including mobilizing funds for the League.

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