In 2012, The League will be 100 years young .

Our efforts are focused on the forthcoming Centenary of the League to make it a great event. For this purpose, we have already embarked upon an ambitious target of reaching CORPUS of RS. 6 Crores (Rs. 60 million) by 2012, which should yield an average of Rs.50 lakhs per annum (at an average annual rate of over 8% interest), to be able to grant free scholarship of a minimum of Rs.1,000 per student at the school level and proportionately higher amount to college going students. This will be a quantum jump from the current annual disbursement of Rs.29 lakhs at Rs.600 per student at school level and Rs.2000 for engineering and medical degree students.

To commemorate this unique event in the history of the League, a separate Endowment known as "The GSB Scholarship League Centenary Endownment 1912-2012" is created. Contributions to this Endowment can be made as many times to make it the largest single Endowment identified with the event.